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IKnowFood is Now Part of Storyteller Media (Tasty Plate)

Since October 2016, IKnowFood studied food system resilience and helped farmers, processors, manufacturers, retailers, and consumers to better respond to increasing stresses and risks. And now IKnowFood domain is part of Tasty Plate – a resource for food safety, storage, and preparation.

On January 25, 2022, was acquired by Storyteller Media, the parent company of Tasty Plate.

And in September 2022, IKnowFood was rebranded as

Here’s how IKnowFood looked back in 2018.

iknowfood website

About Tasty Plate

Tasty Plate is dedicated to providing the best data-backed tips and tutorials for home food preparation.

From farm to table, having the right skills and research will ensure healthy eating.

Tasty Plate provides concise, data-backed research. Our sources are authorities, not mere guesses and wishes.

About IKnowFood

IKnowFood is a brand new four year project led by Professor Bob Doherty (The York Management School and the York Environmental Sustainability Institute YESI) with collaborators from across the University of York and the Universities of Liverpool and Manchester. The project is funded by the Global Food Security Programme.

The IKnowFood project was managed by The York Management School, University of York, York, UK.

IKnowFood Team

Meet the team that worked with the IKnowFood Programme.

  • Professor Bob Doherty, University of York
  • Dr Jon Ensor, University of York
  • Professor Bruce Grieve, University of Manchester
  • Professor Krikor Ozanyan, University of Manchester
  • Dr Peter Howley, University of Leeds
  • Professor Tony Heron, University of York
  • Dr Chris West, University of York
  • Dr Simon Croft, University of York
  • Dr Patricia Prado, University of York
  • Professor Kate Pickett, University of York
  • Professor Jason Halford, University of Liverpool
  • Professor Helen Petrie, University of York
  • Dr Paul Christiansen, University of Liverpool
  • Dr Stefan Carmien, University of York
  • Annemarieke De Bruin, University of York
  • Professor Ioannis Darzentas, University of York
  • Dr Jenny Darzentas, University of York
  • Jane Güleç, University of York
  • Dr Madeleine Power, University of York
  • Emilie Stokeld, University of York

Your Turn

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